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William Dwight Tyner, Jr.

William Dwight "Bill" Tyner, Jr., born August 30, 1931
in Wichita, Kansas, Richland High School class of 1949,
passed away from complications of diabetes on October
31, 2001 after a very brief final illness.  He left two
daughters, Shelby Reynolds and Kirby Baskett; three
grandchildren; Terry Reynolds, age 8, Jenna Reynolds,
age 4, and Bradley Baskett, age 7.  He is also survived
by two sisters, Kathryn Tyner Bates of Port Ludlow, WA,
and Carol Tyner Roberts, Grover Beach, CA, a 1952 RHS

Bill was an avid reader, lover of history and military
history.  He served in the Marine Corps during the
Korean conflict, earning the rating of Master Sergeant
before discharge.  He attended both Washington State
University, Pullman and completed the majority of his
education at the University of Washington, Seattle.
Most of his work career centered on the design and sale
of kitchen/bath remodeling.  He had a firm work ethic,
enjoyed a good story and held firm position as the
family historian, always remembering the dates and
places.  He will be missed.